Sunday, 18 March 2012

From the Borders to Billy Butlins!

Well what a busy 7 days members of the project have had.

Firstly (on Saturday 10th march) 4 of us had a jolly day out on the Vintage trains "The Shap, Settle and Carlisle railtour". But no day out is complete without handing out a few leaflets and rattling the donations jar.

Here myself, Kirsten and Andrew are seen at Carlisle, where it was a great day for the photographers with no less than 3 locos in steam.

Here is a shot of Britannia (which as you'll see later does seem to be following me)

Here are our two fine ladies after a tremendous climb over shap.

Unfortunatly our double headed tour was about to be halved. The LMS let us down with Hot boxes and we were left with a solitary castle to do the job.

And what a performance she gave. Although the tour was cut short at Warrington as we had used to much coal being only one loco, and a diseasle took us the rest of the way.

So a week later and our sales team is back out to attend some Gala's with the A team at the Chasewater Spring gala and Myself, Kirsten and Andrew at the West Somerset annual spring gala.

Im afraid I have no pictures of the Chasewater event but i have plenty from the West Somerset.

Here she is again! So my affair with this lady continues from one end of the country to the other.

Also in steam is the fantastic Hall.........

........ a soon to be overhauled King........

........ and to make us feel more at home, Llangollens standard 4 tank.

And my final picture for today is of Kirsten and Andrew posing next to the fantastic Colin Wright's painting of "The Unknown Warrior". Of course these are available from our website at £55 pounds each.

Of course there are many other loco's in steam at this excellent gala, which will be continued this coming thursday till sunday, so come down and have a chat with us at Minehead station.
Hope to see you there,
Gavin Shell