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Welcome to the New LMS Patriot Blog

Hello, and welcome to the new LMS Patriot blog where all things Patriot will be discussed. This Blog will feature our Volunteers out and about at different railways promoting the project, updates on the locomotive build and any other relevant news.

So where to Start. If your new to the LMS Patriot project, then our Aim is to Build a new 'Patriot' steam locomotive to the original Sir Henry Fowler parallel boiler design, capable of running on the mainline. To create the new National Memorial engine, named 'The Unknown Warrior'and to be complete in time for the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice in 2018.

Why a Patriot ?
The understandable failure to preserve a Patriot leaves a massive gap in the story of LMS express power. A Patriot would provide the link between the Royal Scot and Jubilee classes and would clearly enhance the UK steam collection. The class was in many ways the only link between Derby and Crewe until the advent of William Stanier.

Can it be done?
Categorically yes! The engineering skills and facilities necessary to produce a new steam locomotive in the UK are in place and proven with other new build projects and restorations. Many original LMS drawings from have been obtained for this project and with all the steam engineering expertise around the UK this project is possible. New drawings are being created using CAD techniques where the original drawings cannot be found.
Assembly of the 'The Unknown Warrior' began in 2009 led by Dave Owen, Chief Mechanical Engineer at the Llangollen Railway Works. Other workshops around the UK are now involved including the Boro Foundry, The South Devon Railway, L.N.W.R Heritage and Tyseley Locomotive Works.
Restoration began in November 2010 of the Fowler tender that was acquired from the Vale of Glamorgan Council. The frames and wheelsets from this will be restored by Cambrian Transport at the Barry Railway Centre, South Wales, and a brand new tender body will be built.

Creating the New National Memorial Engine
The new locomotive will serve as a permanent memorial to all those who fought and died in the First World War and all subsequent wars. This was the original intention of the L. & N. W. R. Claughton memorial engine and later LMS 'Patriot' number 5500, after which the class took the name.The new 'Patriot' will be named 'The Unknown Warrior' in keeping with the tradition of war memorial engines. The LMS-Patriot Project aims to continue this tradition in memory of all those brave men and women who courageously served their country.The LMS-Patriot Project has received the endorsement of The Royal British Legion, and 45551 will carry a Legion crest above 'The Unknown Warrior' nameplate, in recognition of this.

Mainline Running
'The Unknown Warrior' is being built for mainline running. A high profile engine such 'The Unknown Warrior' in its role as the national memorial engine will be be a huge attraction on the mainline. However, mainline running would require the locomotive to be built to a height of 13'1”. This is 1 ½” less than the original design. The design of the chimney and cab would be affected by the reduced height requirements and additional items that are required for mainline running including TPWS, OTMR and possibly air braking also need to be considered. The LMS-Patriot Project is already working closely with a Vehicle Acceptance Body (VAB) representative to allow 'The Unknown Warrior' to be mainline certified.

So thats prettt much the project as a whole.

So whats our progress to date?
What better way to tell you than with pictures.
This is one of our 6 brand new driving wheels which was cast at Boro foundry
Our 6 Driving wheels recently at the South Devon railway ready to be turned into wheelsets
Our frames at Llangollen railway
Another view of the frames at Llangollen
These are some of our cast parts including Driving wheels, frame stretchers, one axle box, the 2 webs for the crank axle, and 3 of the spring hanger castings.

So what does the Volunteer side of the project do??
We try our hardest to attend the best events in the railway world each year. Travelling Up north to the KWVR and south to Mid Hants, and west to Llangollen and east to Mid Norfolk. Can you help us visit more places?? If so email us on
Here are some pictures of us around the country.
Here we are at Crewe Heritage centre
Now were at Froghall station on the Churnet Valley railway
At the Mid Norfolk for their first ever Steam Gala
And also at Tyseley locomotive works for one of their open days.

Finally what will she look like when she is complete
The nameplate of The Unknown Warrior
Colin Wrights excellent painting of The Unknown warrior out side of Llangollen works
A computerised image of her in LMS crimson lake livery (missing the nameplates)

Well this is the end of my first Blog so i hope you come back regularly to see updates and news on our progress

Thankyou Gavin

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