Sunday, 29 April 2012

Long time no post!

Firstly I would like to apologise for a lack of updates on here recently. This is due to moving house and the swapping over of the internet, which I now have back. So where to start....... Well back to march we go. We finished the gala at the West Somerset and headed off to the Great central railways 1960's gala. I went down on the Friday but forgot to take any pictures. On the Saturday of that weekend we also had a stand at the Belper model railway show. We then had a couple of days rest for until we had a stand at Both the South Devon railways double standards gala and the Nene Valley's Tornado event.
Here myself and Andrew are in location No3 for the weekend at the South Devon railway.
This was location No1. Unfortunately on the Monday we were completely rained out of the Marquee so instead we just sold raffle tickets on the Train. A huge thank you to everyone who helped out over the weekend.
So after another few days off we then had the Barrow Hill Fab 4 gala (7 weekends on the Run for my self by the end of SSS3)
Here John H-T, Katy and Andrew man the stand on the Saturday.
So on to what is going to be probably the biggest heritage railway gala of the year. Steel, Steam and Stars 3 at Llangollen Railway. Kirsten poses on what is one of the only pictures i took of the stand. Just like at the South Devon railway we were washed out but luckily there was platform 2s canopy to hide under. A Huge thank you to everyone who helped out over the gala as we manned both the shed and Stand for 9 days Straight!
Neil has cleverly created a centre piece which turns the chimney into a donations box next to the frames in the shed.
The Six brand new driving wheel springs are on show at Llangollen.
And the surprise of the week was some of our motion parts arriving on the Tuesday afternoon.
Another surprise of the week was when one of the coupling rods turns out to be off 5546 "Fleetwood"!!!!! So we actually have an original Patriot part which will be on the loco!! So all in all a fantastic month for the project with many new members signing up and lots of money raised. We have a very quiet May with only the Boiler launch on Saturday 19th to keep me busy, but then June will get off to a flying start with the project attending the NRMs Railfest. Thank you and hope to chat to you at an event somewhere in the country soon. Gavin.