Friday, 23 December 2011

Progress in 2011.

Hello, well here is an update on our progress in 2011.


 All six driving axleboxes have been cast – at contractors in Southam (Warwicks) awaiting machining
 One axlebox keep and one bearing have been cast and await checking before we order five more of each
 All hornguides cast – those for the leading driving wheel which are different from the rest have been machined and trial fitted. The remaining eight await machining. The four ties (stretchers) for these have been machined.
 All horn ties have been cast and are at Llangollen awaiting machining
 Six driving wheel springs have been manufactured at Owen Springs Rotherham
 Twelve spring hanger brackets have been cast and are at Llangollen awaiting machining and fitting to the frames
 Six spring hangers and the pins have been machined and are at Llangollen waiting for delivery of the springs
 The pattern for the Tee Piece (which connects axlebox to spring) has been made and the six Tee Pieces cast
 The four main frame stretchers have been cast and machined and are at Llangollen awaiting fitting to the frames
 The wheels have been machined and are at the South Devon Railway to be made into wheelsets
 The two axles have been machined and work on the crank axle is proceeding.
 Manufacturing drawings for the running plate, motion girder and motion bracket are in preparation
 Quotes have been obtained for the two remaining connecting rod forgings and the inside cylinder end cap
 All buffers have been refurbished
 The chimney from 45539 E.C. Trench has been acquired at Sheffield Raiwayana auctions
 One bogie wheelset complete with axleboxes and hornguides has been acquired with the other one promised.


 The tender wheels have been refurbished at Tyseley
 The tender springs have been refurbished by Owens Springs in Rotherham
 Quotes have been obtained for new inside and outside frame plates and front and rear dragboxes
 The order has been placed for a new axlebox pattern and four axleboxes to be cast
 Drawings for the revised tender tank have been completed

Have a great Christmas, thanks for your support in 2011

And lets hope 2012 will be the year the Patriot becomes a rolling chassis and really moves forward in both support and awareness.


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