Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Membership Matters!

As we start this New Year (Happy New Year to you all) I wanted to talk about membership. As everyone in the heritage scene knows, Tornado showed us all what is possible, many people giving small amounts soon adds up to a lot of money. For instance 1000 people giving just £5 pounds
per month soon adds up to £60,000 pounds per year + gift aid on top. We really need to get more monthly donors on board to help the project grow from strength to strength. What we have achieved in just 3 1/2 years is fantastic. But to meet our target of completing the engine by the end of 2017 (this gives us 12 months of testing before official naming ceremony) we need to expand our membership. If you're already a member then do you know anyone who can be persuaded to join the cause? And if you're not a member would you like to sign up? Remember when were built its our MEMBERS who will vote to decide the locomotives livery. If your interested in joining as a member please see LMS Patriot membership or if you would like to make a donation see Donate now

Cheers Gavin

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